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As parents we all have concerns about our children from time to time. If your concern involves your child’s school life the PAC can help by providing information on the process to follow in seeking a resolution. The school administration are very approachable for any concerns you may have. Here is some information about the process to follow in resolving a concern:

Where do I start if I have a concern or problem?
Always start with the teacher. A face to face meeting between your child’s teacher, yourself, and your child (if appropriate), is often the best approach. Most problems can usually be resolved at this level.

Where do I go next?
If you do not feel that you have resolved your concern after speaking with your child’s teacher then the next step is to speak with the Principal, whom will make every attempt to solve the problem at the school level. The school administration at Tomsett Elementary maintains an “Open Door” policy for all parents and appreciates and encourages parents to come forward and discuss any concerns they might have. The Principal can also help parents contact appropriate people/teachers as necessary in an attempt to resolve issues.

Would it be appropriate for me to ask the PAC or a PAC Executive to resolve the issue on my behalf?
No. It is important to understand that the PAC cannot and should not take on the responsibility of resolving individual child issues but rather provide parents with the support and necessary information they need to be their child’s best advocate. However, should the concern be of a larger nature and involve or affect multiple children within the school community it would then be appropriate to bring it to the attention of the Principal and the PAC Executives to determine if it warrants greater PAC involvement.


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