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Where Do The Funds Go?

Funds raised by PAC are invested in variety of ways including:

  • Arts and cultural programs - e.g. in-school music & theatre performances, artist in residence (including school mural)
  • Sports equipment and fitness programs - e.g. team jerseys, gym equipment
  • Technology resources - e.g. computer lab, LCD projectors in every classroom, computers, iPads
  • Yearly Teachers' Funds - to augment classroom resources
  • Field and Playground Improvement committee  
  • Grade 7 Year Book 
  • Kilometer Run Ribbons
  • Peter Demiris Scholarship Fund

Mabel's Labels

PAC Fundraising

Public funds cover basic education at Tomsett. However, a key role of PAC is to provide additional programs and educational resources beyond those provided by the Richmond School District and government in order to significantly enhance the educational experience provided to our children.

Return-It Express Bottle Drive

You can help PAC by donating your empties! 

PAC has a Return-It Express account so all you need to do is bring your empties to any Return-It Express locations and use 604-668-6448 to print out your labels.

100% of your empties goes into the PAC account and will be used towards helping our students and the school. Arrangements for pre-labeled Return-It Express bags can be arranged - just let us know!

A Tomsett Elementary PAC account has been set up with Mabel's Labels so every time you buy anything from them 20% of the proceeds will go to the Tomsett PAC.

Visit and look for Tomsett Elementary PAC in the school/organization drop down menu. 

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