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Ongoing Fundraisers:
  • Return-It Express Bottle Drive

  • Krispie Kreme Donut Fundraiser

Please note that Tomsett PAC is not a registered society, so we will not directly supply your tax receipts. Tax receipts will be issued from the Richmond School District. To receive a tax-deductible receipt, please ensure your cheque is made out to Richmond School District (not the PAC) and put Tomsett PAC on the memo line. The school district will mail the receipt to the address on the cheque, so please make sure the address on your cheque is present and correct before handing in your donation. To receive a tax receipt for this calendar year, please ensure your donation is received by the end of November.
Individuals and businesses are also encouraged to contribute to PAC events as they are held throughout the year. Please contact us if you would like to make a donation.

Thank you for your support!


One of PAC's most important functions is to raise money to enrich student life at Tomsett. Fundraising provides our school with the means to acquire and/or upgrade equipment, supplies, materials and programs beyond the limited assistance from the Richmond School District and Province. Fundraising activities also provide a great opportunity for community-building. We like to have fun AND raise funds at the same time!

In previous years, our fundraising focus has been on a new playground - and we are getting a new playground!! 

Our fundraising focus for the new school year will be on:

  • Supporting our school library
  • Supporting technology in the classrooms
  • Supporting our extracurricular sports teams

To donate by cheque: 
Please make your cheque payable to School District No. 38. You can put your donation in an envelope addressed to the PAC and either drop off the envelope at the school office or mail it to Tomsett Elementary Parent Advisory Council, 9671 Odlin Road, Richmond BC, V6X 1E1. Please do not put envelopes in your child’s planner.

To make a cash donation: 

We prefer cheque donations as it leaves a paper trail of all donations. However, if you prefer to send us a cash donation, please put your donation in an envelope addressed to the PAC and drop it off at the school office. In the event that the school is closed, please contact us at to make alternate arrangements.

Online donations:

Donations can also be made online to the Richmond School District via School Cash Online

We have collected over $60 in empties in the 2019-2020 school year! Thank You! Let's keep it going this year! 


We are always looking for new ideas! Please fill out this form and we will be in touch soon.


You can help PAC by donating your empties! 

PAC has a Return-It Express account so all you need to do is bring your empties to any Return-It Express locations and use 604-668-6448 to print out your labels.


100% of your empties goes into the PAC account and will be used towards helping our students and the school. Arrangements for pre-labeled Return-It Express bags can be arranged - just let us know!


Being involved with the Tomsett PAC is a way for parents/guardians to actively participate in the educational, social and community aspects of school life. All PAC events and fundraisers are organized and run by our wonderful parent/guardian volunteers - we can’t do it without the help of many fellow volunteers.

This year, even though many of the PAC-hosted events are cancelled, there are still ways for you to get involved.


Let's make this the year you get involved.


The easiest ways to get involved:

ATTEND PAC MEETINGS (even just one!) 


Thank you for considering the Tomsett PAC for a donation. We welcome and are grateful for donations at any time. You may also donation supplies to PAC for use in school events.

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