Picking up belongings from school

    The school welcomed about 40% of the school in to pick up belongings, report cards and to say farewell to teachers on Tuesday, June 29. 

    For those of you who did not come in, if you would like to come and pick up report cards and belongings, the school asks that you contact them by phone (604) 668-6448 or by email at tomsett@sd38.bc.ca to make an appointment.  This will give the school time to get things ready prior to your arrival. 

    Any report cards that are not picked up will be mailed to your home on July 7th.  In addition, the school will keep student belongings safe during the summer and return them to students in September.

    For more information, please contact Mr. Murrry or Ms. Hum at  phone (604) 668-6448 or by email at tomsett@sd38.bc.ca 

    Have a great summer!


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