One of PAC's most important functions is to raise money to enrich student life at Tomsett. Fundraising provides our school with the means to acquire and/or upgrade equipment, supplies, materials and programs beyond the limited assistance from the Richmond School District and Province. Fundraising activities also provide a great opportunity for community-building. We like to have fun AND raise funds at the same time!


The PAC raises money or receives support through a few different ways:
  • Ongoing fundraising
    • Return-It Express Bottle Drive
    • Pizza Day on the last Friday of each month
    • Sushi Wednesday (twice a month)
  • Event-based fundraising - these are specific events that are held throughout the year for students and their families. PAC regularly hosts Movie Nights, Photo Nights and other special events
  • Direct donations - families may donate money, volunteer time, or supplies directly to PAC. Monetary donations over $25 will be eligible for a tax-receipt issued by the Richmond School District
  • Corporate Donations and Sponsorships - local businesses may donate money, food, supplies or services directly to PAC
  • Provincial Gaming Grant - PAC applies for a BC Gaminig Grant to be used for students' extra-curricular activities for the students
Here are just some of the items that the funds are used for:
  • Welcome Back / Meet the Teacher BBQ
  • Special presentations to students
  • Extracurricular supplies for gym and atheletics
  • Field Trip and Special In-Class Activity Subsidy
  • Classroom Consumable Money for each classroom including resource/ESL teachers
  • KM Run Ribbons and Medals
  • Grade 6 & 7 Outdoor Education Program
  • Technological equipment upgrades
  • Grade 7 Graduation
  • The Peter Demiris Tomsett-MacNeill Scholarship
  • Playground Upgrade Fund
  • Year End Celebration

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